Take advantage of Tuscan

Red clover is back, and thanks to some good genetics, it’s much better than it used to be.


Unlike the old-fashioned varieties, Tuscan combines high yield and superb feed quality with better grazing tolerance and improved persistence.


It’s found a strong following in pasture mixes, to improve summer feed value, and as specialist finishing pasture.


Tuscan really suits summer dry farms, where a longer grazing rotation is used, and it has a chance to regrow and yield well.


If you want something that will lift liveweight gains, resist drought and shrug off clover root weevil, give Tuscan a go this season.


But do it properly! Sowing low rates per ha has little overall effect. Because red clover doesn’t spread like white clover, the plants you start with will be the only ones you have.


To profit from the benefits it can bring, we recommend sowing at least 6-7 kg/ha AGRICOTE treated Tuscan seed in a pasture mix to get a good plant population.