Get back in clover

We are often asked about how best to restore white clover populations in pastures which no longer have enough of this essential legume.


Many things can depress clover content: the side effects of a thistle spray with phenoxy herbicide, clover root weevil, drought or soil fertility. Clover responds to potassium and lime, preferring a soil pH of 5.8-6.2, so it’s worth testing this if you’re uncertain.


Spring is an ideal time of year for oversowing clover seed with fertilizer to get your plant populations up again. You can use either groundspread, or aerial application.


Coated seed is best for oversowing, because it is better protected from the fertiliser. It also has better ballistic properties, and the AGRICOTE Clover coating contains nutrients and molybdenum for improved establishment and rhizobia function.


Score paddocks for clover to identify those which need topping up. For paddocks with nil to minimal clover, spread 4-5 kg/ha coated seed with the fertiliser once soil temperatures are above 12 deg (mid-September to October, depending on your region).