Show me the money

Chicory? Turnips? Fodder beet? Picking the right summer crop for your situation involves weighing up many different options these days, and in all cases, it’s important that you get a good economic return for your investment.


Summer crops are an effective low cost way of growing high quality feed during the time of the year that you really need it but each type of crop has its own strengths as well as its own requirements.


Comparing so many variables can be time-consuming, so that’s why we’ve made up an online 2017 Summer Crop Calculator.  


It’s easy to use and completely customisable; all you have to do is key in your own numbers and the calculator will do the rest, giving you a fast bottom line fix on how the economics of each summer crop option stack up on your farm, for your system.


So save yourself some time and effort, and download your copy of the calculator here