Tetraploid annual ryegrass

  • Very fast establishment
  • High DM yield start to finish
  • High value feed
  • Proven performance

    Hogan sets a new standard for annual ryegrass. It produces 1 t DM/ha more than old, widely sown cultivars Moata and Tama, extra growth which is worth up to $380/ha.


    High value

    Hogan establishes rapidly and produces high DM yield, out-growing 30+ year old cultivars Moata and Tama by 1 t DM/ha. Hogan’s yield advantage is valued by the 2016 DairyNZ Forage Value Index (FVI) at $380/ha extra profit. This represents a 10 fold return on investment for the extra $35-$45/ha it costs to sow Hogan over Moata or Tama.


    Fast establishment

    Hogan is a tetraploid ryegrass bred for rapid establishment (23% faster than Moata and Tama) to provide fast feed in autumn, critical for farm systems particularly following dry summers.

    Hogan is in the top ranking for annual ryegrass in both the National Forage Variety Trials (NFVT) and DairyNZ Forage Value Index (FVI).





    Sowing Hogan

    Hogan annual ryegrass can be sown alone, or mixed with oats or turnips as a winter crop.

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