NFVT Hybrid ryegrass results - NZ

Graphs combine data from the National Forage Variety Trials run across New
Zealand between 1991 and 2015.


Yield is given by where the green bar ends (yield scale along bottom of graph), and
statistical variation of yield by 'H' error bars. Cultivars whose error bars overlap are
not significantly different from each other.


Total yield

These are the average yields
grown (t DM/ha) over the 3 year
period the trials were run. They
combine all the seasonal yields.



Winter yield
For the period 1 June to 31 July



Early spring yield
For the period 1 August to 30 September'



Late spring yield
For the period 1 October to 30 November



Summer yield
For the period 1 December to 28 February



Autumn yield
For the period 1 March to 31 May



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