Endophyte Options

Different endophyte options are available. Endophyte type needs to be specified when ordering seed.
Note: The ryegrass cultivar itself determines at least 50% of the plant's growth persistence, so this must also be considered.



NEA2 endophyte is ideally suited to intensive farming systems through all regions of NZ, providing persistent pasture for dairy cows, sheep and beef with excellent animal performance. Ryegrass with NEA2 gives good control of black beetle and pasture mealy bug (provisional rating). NEA2 also provides a good level of control for Argentine stem weevil (ASW) which is higher in the diploid cultivar Trojan than in Bealey. NEA2 is a combination of several endophyte strains. Available in Agriseeds cultivars: Bealey, Trojan and Rohan.



This endophyte is only avaible in the hybrid ryegrass Shogun. It gives good black beetle control. Overall, insect resistance is similar to Bealey with NEA2.


AR1 is a good endophyte for many intensive farming situations throughout NZ, providing excellent animal performance and health. However, AR1 should not be sown in northern North Island on soils affected by black beetle. It provides very good control of ASW and pasture mealybug. AR1 is staggers free with excellent lamb LWG and milksolids production. Available in Agriseeds cultivars: Alto and Arrow.


AR37 provides a wide spectrum of insect resistance, giving very good control of ASW, pasture mealybug and root aphid with good contol of black beetle. It is the only endophyte to provide a level of porina control. Lamb LWG on AR37 is generally good, although it may be reduced in periods of severe staggers. Ryegrass staggers on AR37 is less likely to occur than on SE. AR37 must not be used for horses or deer because of its animal health issues. Available in Agriseeds cultivar:Alto.


Standard endophyte (SE)

SE (also sometimes called High endophyte) is not recommended. SE can cause severe
ryegrass staggers, reduces lamb LWG, increases dags and flystrike and has been shown to reduce milksolids production.


Low (LE)
Ryegrass with Low endophyte is an option for areas of very limited insect damage. Many farmers in Southland are having better results from sowing NEA2, AR1 or other endophyte options. Low endophyte has no animal health problems, butnsect resistance is also lost. Available in Agriseeds cultivars: Alto, Arrow, Bealey and Rohan.



See NEA2. Endo5 is similar in performance and use to NEA2.


Grubout U2
A meadow fescue endophyte that produces lolines to help provide protection from pests above and below ground. At present no actual data is available on the performance of Grubout U2.