Diploid perennial ryegrass

  • Outstanding early spring growth 
  • Terrific fit for sheep and beef systems
  • Very high annual DM yield, similar to Trojan
  • Available with AR1 endophyte
  • Very early heading date (-7 days)

    Tyson is a leap forward in perennial ryegrass genetics for red meat farmers. It provides 35% more early spring feed, while maintaining high yield throughout the year, making it ideal for sheep and beef breeding operations.


    Download the Tyson brochure here.


    Sheep breeding system fit

    With its superb early spring growth Tyson can feed ewes better through early lactation, meaning better lamb growth, which in turn allows more lambs to be finished off mum. This has always been a key goal for sheep and beef farmers because:


    • Early lambs meet early export schedules typically at better
    • Weaning check is avoided (2 weeks lost LWG) and dressing out percentage is higher.
    • Extra feed is freed up for other stock.


    Getting the best from Tyson


    Cover target for lambing

    While Tyson has the genetic potential to grow extremely well in early spring, it needs to be managed correctly if farmers are to capture its full potential. It should be set stocked in spring at a minimum cover of 1200-1300 kg DM/ha (or 3-4 cm pasture height) for singles, 1500-1600 kg DM/ha (or 4-5 cm height) for twins, or 1700+ kg DM/ha for triplets through lambing.


    Otherwise, Tyson won’t have the leaves to capture enough sunlight to grow to its genetic potential, which is the science behind the saying ‘grass grows grass.’ Also as pasture height drops so does bite size, and although ewes take more bites both their pasture intake, and lamb growth rate, drop.


    Dry matter yield

    Tyson has outstanding early spring growth in August and September, growing 35% more than the trial mean yield as shown in the data below from inland Canterbury (altitude 190 m ASL). Total yield of Tyson over the year is excellent, with strong seasonal yield in summer and autumn.



    Growth habit

    Tyson is a fine leaved, densely tillered diploid perennial ryegrass suitable for both set stocking and rotational grazing.


    Heading date

    Tyson is the earliest heading of any perennial ryegrass on the market, with a -7 day heading date. For improved feed quality through the remainder of the season, Tyson was carefully selected for low aftermath heading.



    Tyson is available with AR1 endophyte, which provides very good control of Argentine stem weevil and pasture mealy bug, with no negative impacts on animal health. It’s also available as a low endophyte option.


    Suggested seed mix

     Possible additions

    • Timothy at 1 kg/ha – a highly digestible grass that suits summer moist
    • Plantain at 2 kg/ha – will provide extra summer feed value, lasts 2-3
    Perennial ryegrass

    Description & heading dates


    Throughout NZ, perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is the grass of choice for permanent pastures. It establishes rapidly, yields well, tolerates a range of management practices and has a high nutritive value.

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