White clover

  • Large leaved cultivar
  • High total yield
  • Excellent for dairy or beef grazing
  • High total yield with excellent summer and autumn yielding ability
  • High stolon growing point density for a large leaved clover

    Kotare is a large leaved, very high yielding white clover for dairy and beef grazing.


    High yield

    Kotare shows very high total yield with excellent warm season yielding ability, the key growth period for white clover. Increased clover through summer also increases milksolids production, due to its comparatively high feed value through this period.



    White clover leaf size versus stolon density

    The stolon growing point density of Kotare is high for a large leaved clover. More growing points give clovers better recovery from damage caused by insects or pugging. When damaged, clover can regenerate from each growing point.



    Sowing Kotare

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    White Clover

    White clover (Trifolium repens) is the base legume of New Zealand pastoral systems. It is persistent and tolerant to a wide range of management systems and different environments. It has a high nutritional value and is preferentially grazed by livestock, increasing animal performance.