Balansa clover

  • Mid-late flowering
  • Produces high quality feed in winter and early spring
  • Excellent tolerance to waterlogging
  • Helps fill the typical early feed deficit on many farm

    Vista is mid-late flowering and produces high quality feed in winter and early spring. It has excellent tolerance to waterlogging and is an ideal short term crop option for grazing, silage or hay particularly on wet or poorly drained soils.

    Fills the gap

    Vista was selected for improved growth during winter and early spring to help fill the typical early feed deficit on many farms.


    System fit
    Vista will significantly improve dairy farm feed quality and early season production when autumn-sown with annual ryegrass for winter grazing. This mix will also make high quality silage. A straight sward of Vista is excellent feed for lactating ewes and growing lambs before the paddock goes into spring-sown crop.


    Vista is very adaptable, and can handle a range of different grazing systems. For maximum animal performance and pasture regrowth, graze down to 4-5 cm residual.


    Sowing Vista

    White Clover

    White clover (Trifolium repens) is the base legume of New Zealand pastoral systems. It is persistent and tolerant to a wide range of management systems and different environments. It has a high nutritional value and is preferentially grazed by livestock, increasing animal performance.

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