Governor, the new all-rounder

Our latest perennial ryegrass sets a new standard for AR37 and AR1 perennial ryegrass performance.


Governor goes back in time in its breeding, combining genetics from two of our most persistent cultivars, Bronsyn and the highly palatable Tolosa.


This unique genetic mix gives a robust, dense pasture that grows more grass when farmers need it most, during early spring and autumn.


Governor is ideal for both dairy and red meat farmers who are looking for a reliable all-rounder in their pasture mix.


Under grazing on commercial farms, it has shown outstanding survival in the face of both drought and insect pest pressure.


It combines this with excellent DM yield at those critical times of the year when high quality leafy green pasture is very valuable.


Like Alto, Governor is a diploid perennial ryegrass, with fine, dense tillers which create a thick sward that can withstand the pressures of modern farming systems.


The more tillers ryegrass produces per square meter, the better it will persist, because it has more plants in the paddock to cope with the challenges of insect pests, drought, wet weather, weeds and/or overgrazing


That’s why dense diploid perennial ryegrasses are often recommended for parts of the farm where conditions are a bit harder.