Looks good, tastes great

Purpose bred for red meat producers, Rohan SPR (spreading perennial ryegrass) provides persistent, resilient, easy care pasture for sheep and beef.


Animals like it, too. The picture below tells the story. Taken in April 2016, after a very dry summer, it shows how stock have preferentially grazed Rohan (the green) instead of Nui (the brown) on a Central Otago sheep and beef farm at Oturehua, in the Maniototo.


Both grasses were sown four years ago.


Our trials during Rohan’s development showed this unique variety had very good palatability. But it wasn’t until it got out on farm under large scale commercial grazing that we’ve been able to really compare the effect this has on feed quality and utilization.  


With unusually fine leaves, very high tiller density, late flowering date and low aftermath heading – not to mention that palatability – Rohan is designed to help enhance production on country which otherwise would be under-utilised for lack of an appropriate ryegrass.


A key feature is its ability to spread across the ground after it is established. This helps it fill in the spaces between drill rows, and cover bare soil so weeds can’t take hold.