Fodder beet

  • Best feeding method: Grazing and lifting (dual purpose)
  • Bulb DM content: Medium-high (18-20%)
  • Sowing rate: 80,000 seeds/ha if grazing or 100,000/ha if lifting

    Ribondo is a multi-purpose grazing or lifting fodder beet, with a DM content of 18-20%. Its uniform bulb shape and size, and erect leaves mean it is ideal for mechanical lifting. This makes Ribondo perfect for farms looking for flexibility in feeding a winter crop.


    High DM yield



    Dual purpose

    Ribondo is well suited to being either grazed or mechanically lifted. It has yellow coloured bulbs which sit 42-45% out of the ground, making them easy for stock to graze. The DM content means that, if harvested, the bulbs will store well. The even height of bulbs above ground means high utilisation, with little bulb wasted when leaves are chopped off in the lifting process.



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    Fodder beet

    Fodder beet (Beta vulgaris) is typically sown in spring (October to late November) for  a high yielding winter crop which can be used as either a single graze option from May to August.