Fodder beet

  • Best feeding method: Lifting only (specialist lifting type)
  • Bulb DM content: Very high (20-22%)
  • Sowing rate: 100,000 seeds/ha

    Blizzard is a white-skinned fodder beet with excellent leaf holding ability and disease resistance, which helps to maximise yield potential. It should be used when maximum yield/ha is sought from a lifted crop, and has 20-22% DM content.


    High DM yield

    Blizzard has performed very well in trials, with significantly higher total DM yield than low - medium DM cultivars. Blizzard is not recommended for grazing because it has a high proportion of the bulb in the ground, reducing utilisation.




    The higher DM content of Blizzard enables it to be kept for longer in a windrow. When leaves are removed. Blizzard can be stored for up to 5 months, but bulbs will dry out over time, so DM % may need to be re-tested to allow for accurate feed allocation.




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    Fodder beet

    Fodder beet (Beta vulgaris) is typically sown in spring (October to late November) for  a high yielding winter crop which can be used as either a single graze option from May to August.