Diploid perennial ryegrass

  • Combines excellent winter and summer growth with persistence
  • Available with NEA2 endophyte for good animal health and insect control
  • Late heading (+16 days) diploid
  • High quality feed, with ME 12+ in well managed trials

    Trojan provides a proven balance of features previously unseen in a perennial ryegrass: exceptional DM yield across all seasons; excellent persistence; NEA2 endophyte for  good animal health and insect control (including black beetle); high feed quality, and good resistance to rust and plant pulling.


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    High yield

    Trojan NEA2 sets a new standard of DM yield, but more important is the way it produces this yield at the shoulders of the season, in winter/early spring and summer.



    Trojan contains NEA2 endophyte, a mixture of different endophyte strains providing:


    • Good control of adult black beetle (equal to AR37) and Argentine stem weevil.
    • Very good control of pasture mealy bug (provisional rating).
    • Moderate control of root aphid.


    Feed quality

    Trojan is late heading (+16 days) with a low level of aftermath heading, giving it better feed quality in late spring and summer. In trials for the DairyNZ Forage Value Index Trojan showed very high feed quality with an average 12.5 MJME/kg DM through the year.



    The persistence of Trojan has been excellent in trials.

    Trojan persisted well in the Waikato, and recovered well after the severe 2007-08 summer drought. It also showed excellent persistence after five and a half years in the tough dryland Canterbury conditions at Mt. Possession, under average soil fertility and normal set stocking management with sheep.


    Rust & plant pulling

    Trojan has good resistance to rust, and very good resistance to plant pulling.


    Fine leaved

    Trojan is medium-fine leaved and densely tillered.


    Species classification

    Trojan was bred as a perennial ryegrass and performs as one. It has a low level of tip awns (hairs) on its seed so under the seed certification regulations this means it is classified as Lolium boucheanum. In terms of pasture performance it is a perennial ryegrass.


    Sowing Trojan


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    Perennial ryegrass

    Throughout NZ, perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is the grass of choice for permanent pastures. It establishes rapidly, yields well, tolerates a range of management practices and has a high nutritive value.

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