Diploid perennial ryegrass

  • Earlier flowering ryegrass providing excellent early spring growth
  • Proven persistence and all-round performance
  • Medium erect growth habit allowing for good cover compatibility
  • Excellent feed quality with high ME
  • Available with AR1 or Low endophyte

    Arrow delivers high winter-early spring growth, while performing well in all seasons.

    It combines its early growth with a medium-late heading date (+7 days) for good spring feed quality.


    Seasonal growth



    Winter and early spring

    Arrow's improved winter and early spring growth helps farmers to start their season earlier by offering more feed when it is essential. It is ideal for early calving or early lamb finishing systems.


    Feed quality

    Arrow combines a medium-late heading date (+7 days) with high ME (averaging 12.6 in well managed trials).


    Clover compatibility

    Arrow has a medium erect growth habit allowing good clover compatibility, which gives improved feed quality and greater animal production.



     Arrow has shown excellent persistence in trials, with good rust resistance.


    Sowing Arrow

    Arrow can be sown in combination with Alto for a high yielding pasture in all seasons.




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    Perennial ryegrass

    Throughout NZ, perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is the grass of choice for permanent pastures. It establishes rapidly, yields well, tolerates a range of management practices and has a high nutritive value.

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