Greenfeed oats

  • Leafy oat with high winter yields
  • Mulitple grazing
  • Normally sown with Italian or annual to extend growth into spring
  • Leafy Hattrick oats have a digestibility of 80%
  • For maximum production sow early (February/March)

    Hattrick is an easy to manage winter crop. It is most often sown mixed with Italian or annual ryegrass, to extend growth into spring.



    Hattrick is leafy, high yielding, and more adapted to multiple grazings than some other oat cultivars. It can usually be grazed 2-3 times depending on management. For best regrowth graze at 30 cm height, leaving a 7-10 cm residual. Growth can be boosted by strategic use of nitrogen fertiliser, for example applying 30 kg N/ha after grazing.


    Feed value

    Leafy Hattrick oats have a digestibility of 80% (ME = 12 MJ/kg DM) and contain 13-15% protein.


    Growth curve


    Sow early

    For maximum winter production Hattrick oats should be sown early (February/March). Insecticide protection against Argentine stem weevil may be necessary in some areas.


    Hattrick oats can be sown alone, but are most commonly sown with Italian or annual (e.g. Tabu or Hogan). Mixing Hattrick with a ryegrass increases feed value and extends growth through spring.


    Sowing Hattrick


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    Greenfeed oats

    Greenfeed oat (Avena sativa) crops are easy to manage, providing a large quantity of good quality winter feed quickly.