White clover

  • Large leaved cultivar
  • High total yield
  • Excellent for dairy or beef grazing
  • High total yield with excellent summer and autumn yielding ability
  • Robust persistence for a large leaved cultivar

    Kotuku is a high yielding large leaved white clover with superior summer growth. It establishes well, has good persistence, and suits both dairying and sheep/beef finishing systems.


    Why Kotuku

    White clover is critical for nutritive value and N fixation in pastures. It is also an important source of protein and ME for milking and growing stock, particularly in summer. Kotuku shows excellent seasonal growth, and outperforms all other trialed cultivars over the critical summer period.


    High yield 

    This mixed sward trial included one entry without clover (no clover). The effect of clover on N fixation and yield is seen in the trial, with Kotuku showing particularly good yield due to its compatibility with ryegrass.





    Kotuku has demonstrated robust persistence for a large leaved cultivar, and has a medium stolon density. This makes it well-suited to driving summer production in dairying and dry stock finishing systems.


    Fast Establishment

    Kotuku has consistently shown fast establishment.



    Sowing Kotare




    White Clover

    White clover (Trifolium repens) is the base legume of New Zealand pastoral systems. It is persistent and tolerant to a wide range of management systems and different environments. It has a high nutritional value and is preferentially grazed by livestock, increasing animal performance.

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