Red Clover

  • High yield with improved persistence under grazing
  • Early flowering with medium leaf size
  • Excellent feed quality during summer and autumn
  • High total yield with good growth in summer and autumn
  • Suitable for all farm types

    Tuscan has high yield with improved persistence under grazing. It provides excellent quality feed during summer and autumn. It is an early flowering diploid cultivar with medium leaf size.


    High yield

    Tuscan shows excellent late spring and summer growth, and high total yield.



    Good persistence

    After two years under sheep grazing, plant count measurements showed Tuscan had improved persistence.




    System fit 

    Tuscan is suitable for all farm types. Red clover persists best under less intensive stocking rates or a long grazing rotation over summer.


    Phyto-oestrogen levels

    Tuscan’s oestrogen levels are medium. This means care needs to be taken to avoid grazing red clover with ewes or hoggets 3-6 weeks either side of mating.


    Sowing Tuscan

    Tuscan should be included in pasture mixes at a rate of 6 kg/ha of Agricote coated clover seed or 4 kg/ha bare seed.


    Red Clover

    Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a tap rooted legume with high feed value. It has good summer growth and drought tolerance, but little winter growth.

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