• Early maturing
  • High yielding
  • Quality summer feed
  • Large volumes of low cost feed
  • Helps maintain milk production
  • Good level of bulb (around 48% of total yield)

    Dynamo turnip is a high yielding summer crop which is ideal for dairy cows. It provides large volumes of low cost quality feed to help maintain milk production when pasture quality and quantity declines.


    DM yield

    In trials Dynamo has shown high yield, not significantly different from the other top cultivars.


    Low cost summer feed

    Sowing a poor performing pasture in Dynamo makes sense - it can provide feed for around 13c/kg DM*.


    High bulb percentage

    Summer turnips produce their yield in different ways. Dynamo produces a good level of bulb (around 48% of total yield), giving it an advantage in seasons when high levels of leaf diseases or pests are present.


    Using Dynamo

    Summer Turnip

    Summer turnips offer nutritious, highly palatable feed.

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