About Us

At Agriseeds, we’re proud to have been part of New Zealand’s pastoral landscape for 30 years, as a plant breeding and research company.


We’ve bred, selected and trialled some of this country’s best ryegrasses, cocksfoots, clovers and brassicas. Cultivars such as Trojan, Bealey, Shogun, Tabu, Weka and more. All backed by the experience and expertise of our staff.

We employ nearly 60 staff nationwide including plant breeders and agronomists, plus specialist seed laboratory staff, microbiology, and seed production people. We also work with expert research partners including DairyNZ, Lincoln University, AgResearch, Pastoral Genomics and Massey University. And as a member of the Royal Barenbrug Group have access to global technology that may otherwise not be available in New Zealand.


We’re 100% committed to pastures, innovation and New Zealand’s agricultural future: because we know people are relying on us.